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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Confederate Heritage Debate: 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction' (Newton's Third Law)

Confederate Heritage Debate:'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction' (Newton's Third Law)

The attempts of many to eradicate southern heritage by removing all southern historical elements from our society seem to reinforce all that we have been taught as a nation. A good example of Newton's Third Law is playing out today. As many attempt to shed our great nation of Confederate flags, it has only created an opposite reaction as identified in the following article: Huntsville flag manufacturer sees sharp increase in Confederate flag sales.

Being educated and then heeding what is taught seems to go by the wayside on too many issues. Like they say, “A man may well bring a horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink.” This quote is attributed to John Heywood, an English Writer. In this case it brings to mind another historical quote which reads, Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It. The attempt to erase and/or twist the heritage of large groups of individuals will only serve to make old wounds fester on all sides of any debate. In turn, history simply repeats itself and nothing is resolved. The reactionary removal of one design of the Confederate flag and now the attempt to remove any and all southern historical heritage elements is comparable to ISIS destroying historical monuments and artifacts in Iraq and Syria. As Kerry has said relative to the actions of ISIS, "These depraved acts are an assault on the heritage of the Iraqi and Syrian people by an organization with a bankrupt and toxic ideology." Certainly the depraved acts of the racists in America that want to assault American history by erasing all symbols of Southern Heritage should be considered no less a violation.

In synopsis, whether it excites you to celebrate the heritage of all cultures or angers you, that celebration will and should continue by all. Whether or not you are forced to celebrate the Heritage of different cultures on your job thru faux diversity programs that pretend to celebrate all cultures, but leave out Southern Heritage and selectively promote only cultures they approve, we are doomed to repeat history, wars and arguments as long as we do not learn from our past. In America, we should be free to celebrate our history and culture, as well as respecting the peaceful celebration of the heritage of others. On this Independence Day let us truly celebrate the way it was meant to be celebrated as John Adams said, The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.

Let us not repeat negative and destructive history. Let us come together as a nation. A melting pot of many cultures that have decided to make the United States of America their home and are now true and loyal Americans trying to live a better life that should be improved upon and not permitted to revert to rust and fall apart. Celebrate America's Independence Today! Independence Day fireworks are often accompanied by patriotic songs such as the national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner", "God Bless America", "America the Beautiful", "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", "This Land Is Your Land", "Stars and Stripes Forever", and, regionally, "Yankee Doodle" in northeastern states and "Dixie" in southern states. Some of the lyrics recall images of the Revolutionary War or the War of 1812.

Author: rocketcity-us.blogspot.com