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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Customers Praise MAPCO's Response After Fuel Mix-Up

Customers, businesses explain the effect of fuel mixup at area MAPCO stations

Article Excerpt: "...The car starts sputtering, it went out," explained James Cagle,...As crazy as that may sound, it's been a very pleasant experience working with MAPCO," he commented. "The only thing they couldn't give me really was a time frame [for the work], because of the amount of cars ..."

Reference: whnt.com

Let MAPCO know how much Huntsville appreciates a business that takes care of its customers.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MAPCO Fuel Mix-Up Update: MAPCO will do everything possible to resolve the matter

MAPCO to cover costs after gasoline mix-up causes customers to pump diesel instead of unleaded

Article Excerpt: "... MAPCO will take full responsibility and will do everything possible for our Guests to resolve the matter. Both sites have all fuel lines cleaned and fresh fuel will be available by mid-morning. Please contact our Customer Service line at 855-469-6272," said Ruth Picha, Director of Marketing for MAPCO. Picha added MAPCO accepts full financial responsibility for affected customers ..."

Reference: whnt.com