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Saturday, September 17, 2011

NASA heavy-lift rocket program to launch Rocket City economy

Rocket decision seen as positive for Huntsville

Article Excerpt: "... It was welcome news in the Huntsville area since an estimated 1,500 local NASA contractors have been laid off since President Barack Obama scrapped the Constellation rocket program in favor of using commercial rockets. ..."

Reference: www.chron.com

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NASA's new heavy lift rocket to give big boost to Rocket City's growing economy

Community Reacts to New NASA Heavy Lift Program

Article Excerpt: "...Huntsville, AL - The Rocket City got a big boost on what space professionals are calling the most significant news for the industry in years. ..."

Reference: www.waaytv.com

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rocket City: Marshall Space Flight Center to lead heavy-lift rocket program

Rocket City: Marshall Space Flight Center to lead heavy- lift rocket program

Under continued implementation Of 2010 Authorization Act Program Offices, NASA announced on Tuesday that the Marshall Space Flight Center in the Rocket City, will lead NASA's efforts on the heavy-lift rocket. The rocket will carry humans beyond low Earth orbit. The Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles (HLLV) are a type of rocket used to carry heavy items into orbit. HLLV's can send large satellites into higher orbits than their smaller counterparts. It is the distant goal of NASA to use heavy lift launch vehicles to eventually assist in the effort to let humans explore Mars.

This is good news for Huntsville, which is known globally, as the Rocket City. Technology programs like this tend to create new growth and give birth to new technology, creating new company upstarts ...and Huntsville, Alabama, is a leader in the space technology industry.

The Marshall Space Flight Center will house the program office for the Space Launch System and continue to support station operations as well.

Reference: Rocket-City.us