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Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's time for fresh peaches! Take a ride to Crow Mountain Orchard in Fackler

Crow Mountain Orchard

Article Excerpt: "...Fresh Fruit Like It Was Meant To Be at Crow Mountain Orchard. What’s Available Now–Red Haven Peaches! Red Haven Peaches are now ripe. They are a beautiful, tasty, semi-cling peach that are a favorite of many customers. Crow Mountain has several sizes of all our fruit in the salesroom and different sizes and prices at the farmers markets. You may want to call the orchard at 256-437-9254. Read the story of Crow Mountain Orchard here: ‘I started searching for some suitable land in the South where I could add another orchard to capture the early northern market,’ Deutscher says. Deutscher looked over many sites in several southern states before purchasing the 126-acre site on Crow Mountain which he has developed into the largest fruit growing operation in the state. Deutscher recalls he was walking around the property one day when he came to the highest elevation and thought, ‘My God, Bob, what more are you looking for,’ and decided then this site was it. The Crow Mountain site at its highest elevation is 1,720 feet, most suitable for growing fruit, according to Deutscher, because of the warm days and cool nights..."

Reference: Crow Mountain Orchard