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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Updated: Local Media Reports Possible 'Active Shooter' Situation on Redstone Arsenal in or Around te Sparkman Center

Redstone Arsenal Lockdown Lifted

Local media reporting a possible active shooter in place at Redstone Arsenal. The possible location is in or near the Sparkman Center, buildings 5301 -5308 are currently being cleared. 'Run, Hide, Fight' order has been issued. Gates to Redstone Arsenal are presently closed. Situation still active and ongoing at this time. Gate 9 is law enforcement/media staging area. Communications at the Arsenal may be being secured to contain information until scene is stable. No injuries reported at this time. Child care center is locked down and safe. Details are sparce. Updates to continue. Continue to shelter in place until ordered differently. FBI team on its way from Birmingham. Continues to be active scene (12:16 PM CST). Christopher Colster, RSA Spokesperson, confirms possible active shooter and possible weapon(s) seen. Gate 7 currently open for exit (12:17PM CST). Marine reserve office on South Parkway Huntsville reported on lockdown just as a precaution (WHNT; 12:19PM CST). Gate 9 is nearly cleared of law enforcement vehicles (12:22 PM CST). Sparkman Center remains secured. All RSA gates now opened. Primrose School at Bradford now has a large police presence, which may or may not be connected. Confirming possible active shooter situation at Sparkman Center. As of 12:30 PM you are free to move around RSA with the exception of the Sparkman Center where the scene is still active. Primrose School situation found to be a miscommunication. Repeating: A false alarm at Primrose School.
Lockdown has been lifted. Details explaining the incident are vacant.

Reference: rocketcity-us.blogspot.com
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