Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Privacy Concerns: Tips for working from home and video conferencing

Privacy Concerns: Tips for working from home and video conferencing

With so many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have privacy concerns. Many are wondering if they are being photographed by their employer while working from home, Some have privacy concerns simply over the lack of privacy while video conferencing. We have a few tips to relieve some of the stress over your privacy concerns:

  1. Hang a sheet from the ceiling around your work area to block the view of items in your home
  2. Put some clothes on! You don't want to become the next porn star of the office
  3. Don't pick your nose! Hey, it has taken you years to refine that special technique
  4. Hang photo frames with fake certificates and awards for your Navy Seal sniper kills
  5. Put a brass stripper pole in the background with a stuffed monkey sliding down it
  6. Create a recording of crazy sounds in the background like roosters crowing or some SWAT Team action
  7. Wear a Trump or Obama mask

On a serious note, your privacy is important, a clear view of your home on video could cause thefts or even arrests. You don't want others seeing your rare art items or your 90" smart TV so they can steal it. You don't want anyone to zoom in on that credit card you have sitting out. You also don't want to be arrested for that joint sitting in your ashtray or that gun that violates your felony restrictions. Although this short article is more on the humorous side, it's meant to open your eyes to privacy issues that working from home might cause.

Reference: Rocket City News