Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Get One: Rocket Harley is now Redstone Harley-Davidson®

Redstone Harley-Davidson

Redstone Harley-Davidson
Redstone Harley-Davidson®

Article Excerpt: "... Redstone Harley-Davidson® is a place where we hang our helmets, spend time, and share our experiences and knowledge with other men and women who have a love for Harley-Davidson® and motorcycling. It's our way of life and we welcome you to join it. To be part of Harley-Davidson® is to be part of a family, an exclusive group of enthusiasts who appreciate the unique character, heritage and even the sound of these machines. Here at Redstone Harley-Davidson®, we have a sense of commitment that simply doesn't exist anywhere else. Ring the famous "Redstone Harley-Davidson® Bell"! All new bike owners stand under this bell and give it a LOUD RING to celebrate their new purchase. It serves as a symbol of joining the Harley-Davidson® family! ..."

Reference: www.redstoneharley-davidson.com